Lord Of The Pepe

Lord Of The Pepe


This message is for those who are on the Negative Nancy track.

Anons/researchers and content creators from our movement, have been working tirelessly for the past 6+ years, to make sure the information that is the TRUTH gets to you.

We have been attacked, ridiculed, doxxed, physically attacked, and threatened.

We have been censored, arrested, shut down, and some killed, for the TRUTH.

Nothing has stopped us from completing the mission. To make sure YOU have the TRUTH that they are hiding.

We did this without pay, recognition, or acknowledgement.

Don’t get it twisted, we don’t want any of that. We aren’t here to recognized or popular. We are here to fight this war.

All we want is for the reality of the situation to be made clear for YOU.

For the corrupt in power to be held ACCOUNTABLE.

Take the time today to thank a fren who has worked tirelessly for YOU.

You never know how much a kind word will help someone.


#staycuriousANDkeepsmilin #truthSoldiers

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